Who we are

Naeem for food industries was founded at 2014 in Egypt.

The company considered as branch of their previous companies in Syria within the cities of Aleppo and Damascus.

The company consists of a combination of professionals and specialized experiences in the field of manufacture of Halva and tahina within experience since 1935.

Our products have Shami inherent taste. which has a unique and distinctive taste and made famous by Syria throughout the ages.

We rely in our industry on the most modern technology with advanced production lines, with a mix of specialized human expertise in this field to achieve the highest level of quality suitable for all requirements in global markets.While maintaining the character of the Eastern product and its originality.

The company obtained ISO 22000/2005 issued by TUV, With applied all international food safety standards.





 Follow up and continuous communication with our clients for their opinions, and work to satisfy all tastes and cultures to ensure continuity in the functioning of the highest level as we seek it.



Continued development and keep up to date with developments in the field of food industries, with preservation of quality and excellence in our products to achieve leadership in all world markets.



Excellence in providing high quality food products which has original Shami taste, and prove our worthiness authentic Arabic in international markets.